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profileI am currently working as a post-doctoral researcher in the lab of Dr Sanjay Banerjee at the Microelecrtonic Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Before moving to Austin, I completed my PhD in Physics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in April 2012.

As a material scientist/ engineer, my work has revolved around the synthesis and characterization of novel materials for specific end-goals. Besides gaining valuable scientific and technical expertise, this has also made me the first step in multi-million dollar projects that were part of large collaborative multi-institutional centers [Center for Low Energy Systems Technology (LEAST) and UNC-Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC)]. This experience has taught me to work in a variety of team settings and be able to communicate my ideas and findings to experts and novices in my fields. I had also managed the LEAST team at UT Austin which not only entailed coordinating various research activities but also keeping the whole process moving within the frame work of the LEAST objectives as well as preparing quarterly and annual reports for industry liaisons and funding agencies. I have also been very successful in writing technical parts of grants that have gone on to raise funds from external agencies (Phase 1 DOD-STTR with AND Inc, and BAPVC).

During my time at UNC Chapel Hill, I was also instrumental in setting up the Solar Cell Characterization Facility (part of the UNC EFRC). It is now a user facility that is regualrly used by many labs not only at UNC, but also at NC State University and Duke University as well as private companies. My responsilities included regular maintenance of all systems, troubleshooting when required as well as training all new users. I also held similar responsibilities for the Pulsed Laser Deposition system which was part of the Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Laboratories (CHANL).

I have always challenged myself as a scientist. I succesfully applied and was awarded the National Research Council- Research Associateship Program post-doctoral fellowship, but I chose to join Dr Rodney Ruoff's Lab instead as it provided me with an opportunity to explore a completely new field. After Dr Ruoff's move to South Korea, I joined Dr Banerjee's lab where I am leading the growth and characterization of all 2-dimensional material systems. My experience at UT Austin, has made me even more confident of my abilities to tackle novel scientific problems and be able to start and foster collaborations with leading minds in the field of material science.

Moving forward I would like to work in an environment that provides opportunities to conduct applied research as well as product development in the field of material science.